Outdoor Patio Makeover- Quarantine Edition

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  1. Claudia says:

    Wow. Looks amazing. ????????????????so cozy. And posey looks amazing too. !!

  2. Maria Santarone says:

    Oh Charlotte it looks gorgeous!

  3. joimel says:

    love love love alllll this inspo!!

  4. Paula says:

    Love the rug and all the texture! It looks really cozy.

  5. Meagan Forsythe says:


  6. Betty says:

    Your patio makeover looks great! Posy seems to enjoy all the beautiful flowers and vibrant colors! Great job Charlotte! ❤️

  7. Wendy says:

    Love love love the black ????

  8. Cassie says:

    Ohh my. This is gorgeous. I like the plants and flower you used to tie in your patio furniture and rug. And of course little Posey is super adorable posing for the camera.

  9. Rebecca Johnson says:

    I am obsessed with the color scheme! And the big planters are gorgeous! ????

  10. Dee says:

    Beautiful- I love your pergola ????

  11. Alicia says:

    So gorgeous!!!!

  12. Katie says:

    Love the dark and light with the furniture ????

  13. Cassie says:

    So beautiful! ????

  14. Kyla says:

    This is so beautiful! Goals for when I own a home some day for sure!

  15. Nicole says:

    Love the pops of red and orange! Looks so cozy!

  16. Mallory says:

    Love it all, especially the pergola and lights!

  17. Katie says:

    I am loving the black! It looks fantastic!

  18. Jan says:

    Turned out great!

  19. Jesica Pantoja says:

    You did an amazing job with the furniture! Everything came together so beautifully love that pop of color!!!

  20. Sue B says:

    I love it! My daughter has similar furniture that she wants to redo. I will for sure have her check out your blog. Thanks for the info and the beautiful inspiration.

  21. Sarah Reed says:

    Love your space!! Especially the painted floor! Never would have thought to do something like that!

  22. Leann Hillis says:

    Wow, looks so beautiful! Dream patio! ????

  23. Nicole Hagerty says:

    I can’t believe how beautiful it looks. Love the planters.

  24. Rhonda says:

    Beautiful, looks great!

  25. Shannon george says:

    Goals!!! ????????????

  26. Jerri says:

    LOVE the colors❤️ Beautiful!!

  27. Lou says:

    Beautiful- love the planters!

  28. Morgan B says:

    This is pergola DREAMS ???? I love how you were able to incorporate black without it feeling too dark!

  29. Nancy Toepfer says:

    Looks really nice! Good for you for redoing your furniture! So many people just rebuy! I like your style and love that crock!

  30. Beca Oviedo says:

    So inspiring!! Love how welcoming it is!! Thanks for sharing!

  31. MacK says:

    Gorgeous, I love that you and @aubreyswanblog collaborated !!

  32. Molly Lackey says:

    I love this! The style is great, and I love to see the process of how you did it. Thank you for sharing!

  33. Stacey says:

    ❤️ LOVE ❤️
    So cozy and the colors are amazing!!!

  34. Jen says:


  35. Sierra says:

    Wow! Love the pots for the plants and the color scheme. Gorgeous!

  36. Karista says:

    Looks beautiful! ????

  37. Nicole Silva says:

    Love all the plants!! It brings the space to life!

  38. Jean says:

    Love the patio????

  39. Destiny Quillin says:

    This is beautiful and so cozy! I see many days and nights outside. I love all the little details ❤️

  40. The_House_On_Cardinal says:

    Wow!! You did a fantastic job! I love it! Now I need to get busy! You have inspired me ????

  41. Sarah says:

    Loveeee the boho colors !!! Looks great!

  42. Delia says:

    Beautiful! Love the outdoor couch

  43. Melissa Babb says:

    Very elegant and inviting!!

  44. KASSIE KECK says:

    Wow Charlotte it turned out amazing! I love the black color on the deck. I definitely need to try the Deckover paint for mine. And those large planters are beautiful. It all looks fab!! ❤️

  45. Jasmin says:


  46. Caley says:

    Charlotte, this turned out fabulous! I love the black in contrast to the pergola. And those hanging lights add the perfect ambiance!!

  47. Dianne says:

    I’m so in love with this transformation! You are such a ray of sunshine; your posts, style, and love for Jesus always make me smile! Thanks for motivating me to begin the transformation on my space. Yours turned out beautifully!!!

  48. Jordie says:

    I love everything about this!???? How do you keep it clean year round, specifically the couch?

  49. Heather Anderson says:

    You have created a gorgeous outdoor living space. I’ve been wanting to do something similar. Thank you for the inspiration.

  50. Valerie says:

    Love it! Looks great!

  51. Gena says:

    Love it all! Especially that rug!

  52. Any Bostic says:

    Omg! I’m going to have to try this!!

  53. KASSIE says:

    Wow Charlotte it turned out amazing! I love the black color on the deck. I definitely need to try the Deckover paint for mine. And those large planters are beautiful. It all looks fab!!

  54. Gloria says:

    I am new to your posts/blogs. Looking forward to perusing your pages. You patio is beautiful and love the pop of orange, really brightens it up.

  55. Melissa says:

    Oh, I love your make-over!!????Especially how you painted the deck! What a great idea! It all looks so peaceful and relaxing????

  56. Sarah B says:

    Love this!! Now i need to work on my deck!!

  57. Brittany says:

    Oh this is amazing! I want to paint my patio now!!

  58. Christina Gehrke says:

    This is amazing!!! Total inspiration!

  59. Chasity Seale says:

    Dreamy ???? It makes me just want to get cozy with a good book and a glass of sweet tea!

  60. Caalexander2 says:

    This is beautiful! You did an amazing job!

  61. Sharon Daniel says:

    Your patio looks AMAZING!! Still waiting for the pollen to finish falling where I live so that I can refresh mine as well!!

  62. Teresa Henson says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous Charlotte ???? you’re such a inspiration. love to see you and your family and home

  63. Brianna says:

    I love the outdoor space ❤️ You have such cute style!

  64. Sylena Morgan says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! Love it!! ❤️❤️

  65. Elizabeth says:

    Your porch turned out absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful facelift!

  66. Latosha says:

    It looks great…I want a pergola! I love the lights and the black paint refreshes it so much!!
    And that easy crockpot recipe I will be trying. ???? Thanks for sharing!!

  67. Brittney says:

    Love your cute style and fun personality!! ❤️

  68. Zandra J. says:

    This is insanely gorgeous! ???? Brb just adding this to our to do list with our gazebo. My husband is going to be thrilled, I’m sure! ????

  69. Kristi says:

    Wow!! It looks amazing!

  70. Tina says:

    Love your patio makeover!! I just bought a rug like yours that’s you’ve shares from boutique rugs – I can’t wait to get it!!

  71. Jenny I says:

    Love the deck, and love that you were adventurous enough to give it a go! Hope you’ll enjoy it plenty this summer!

  72. Lindsay says:

    Looks absolutely beautiful! My boyfriend and I scraped the deck last week and are going to paint when we have another warm day this month (snowflakes today in Wisconsin). Taking so much inspiration from your deck!

  73. Kara says:


  74. Kara says:

    Amazing! Love the refresh to your furniture!

  75. Christine says:

    Fabulous, love the contrast between the colors. You out did yourself girl !!❤

  76. Mandy says:

    Loving the touches of black your adding to your spaces! The pergola looks beautiful!

  77. Sheila B. says:

    It looks so inviting, just want to sit and relax! Great look!

  78. Priscilla says:

    This is so dreamy, I absolutely love it????

  79. Frances says:

    Turned out beautiful!!

  80. Nancy says:

    Love it, can’t wait to be able to finish our outdoor space ❣️

  81. Kendra S says:

    Gorgeous, I love pergola’s!!

  82. Courtney says:

    Love this! You did a great job! The color combinations are perfect love the black with the natural wood tone and the bright pop of color added with the pillows and plants. Your plants look amazing as well and of course so does Posy, I hope that she is back to feeling like her normal self soon! Have a Happy Easter and God Bless!

  83. Tina says:

    So lovely and inviting! ????????

  84. Andrea Rich says:

    I love you!! I love your patio!!! Keep up the great work!
    I love seeing your beautiful face every day. Thanks for sharing your laughter and fun personality with us.

  85. Amy W says:

    I think the black looks so sharp! I’m envious of your plants. We won’t be able to plant for a few more weeks. Snow this weekend!

  86. Sonya says:

    Love the color combination, looks super cozy and the perfect spot to hang out

  87. Daisy says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! Ughh can’t wait until I have one of my own ! <3

  88. Brittney says:

    This. Is. Beautiful!!!! I love it!!

  89. Rosalyn says:

    This is so pretty! I love all you diys!

  90. Chandler says:

    Oh I love this ???????????? The black is so unique and different!

  91. Liz says:

    I love how the painted floor turned out!! The color scheme is also gorgeous!!

  92. Chrystal says:

    Looks beautiful! Definitely getting inspired to get my outside done- gardening and all!

  93. Paula H. says:

    Love the color combinations and staggered heights of plants. ????????

  94. Christina says:

    Once again you styled with a smile????‼️ I remember when it rained and made a mess of everything and now it’s just so darn pretty ‼️ And, Posey is the little added touch I love to see????????

  95. Sarah K says:

    Loving the dark decking! So beautiful!

  96. Anissa says:

    ❤️ this outdoor space. So much inspiration, love the colors . ????

  97. Jana says:

    Love it!!

  98. Kathy says:

    Omg..what an awesome transition. Your outdoor space is so welcoming. Blessed Easter!

  99. Jessica Stephens says:

    Ahhh! It looks like a picture out of a magazine!! Such a beautiful space to enjoy the pretty days. And Posy looks cute as always!!

  100. Shay says:

    I wish I had an outdoor space, this is inspiring

  101. Charlotte Carter says:

    WOW! Looks so cozy. Great job.

  102. Savanna says:

    So beautiful ????

  103. Susana says:

    Looks amazing ????

  104. Susana says:

    Looks amazing ????

  105. Kristyn says:

    Love all the black details and how the color from the pillows pulls the colors of the flowers ????

  106. Alyra says:

    Looks like one of those fancy retreats! ???? love it!!!

  107. Bethany Mulder says:

    This looks great! I love the painted ground and love love love the orange accents! Beautiful!!

  108. Elaine says:

    The black just gave it a whole new face ! I LOVE it all ????❤️

  109. Dawn Carter says:

    It’s beautiful! True outdoor living. I know you will enjoy it.

  110. Michelle says:

    So gorgeous! You inspire me to get my patio in order ????

  111. Andrea says:

    I found you through Aubrey Swan – can you two seriously team up and come decorate my house for me?!? Your patio is gorgeous! I never would have thought to use black… now some thoughts are stirring in my head. Thanks for sharing with us!

  112. Andrea says:

    I found you through Aubrey Swan – can you two seriously team up and come decorate my house for me?!? Your patio is gorgeous! I never would have thought to use black… now some thoughts are stirring in my head. Thanks for sharing with us!

  113. Brittany Kelley says:

    The oranges ???? make me CRAVE summer!!! Ahhh and sweet Posey sitting there so sweet! Super beautiful and very well done per usual because you do decor so well! I’m always so surprised by your designs and you’d think by now I wouldn’t be! You always just blow me away with your creativity! ❤️❤️

  114. Jenna Stephens says:

    Love love love!

  115. Amanda says:

    Wow! It looks amazing! The furniture looks brand new! Love the black deck and the pops of color in the flowers and pillows is beautiful! What an inviting cozy spot! ????

  116. Stacey says:

    Looks great! Can’t wait to try this on our old deck!

  117. Liz says:

    Love how this turned out!!

  118. Kate says:

    Oh my goodness!! What a BEAUTIFUL space! We are refreshing our patio/deck and definitely using some of your diy tips! What’s a beautiful outside space without a Posey?! Thanks for sharing!

  119. Genah says:

    Girl, I am impressed….amazing!

  120. Bianca Sauvao says:

    This is so cute!! So much cute inspo!

  121. Susan says:

    What an inspiration! It’s BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the ideas

  122. Tammy G says:

    This looks amazing!! Great job Charlotte! You’ve created a beautiful, inviting and cozy outdoor space! Enjoy!!

  123. Terry says:

    You out did yourself! I thought it was so pretty last year, but this year is stunning! You have inspired me to put a plan together for my outdoor space! Thank you for sharing

  124. Debra says:

    Looks so good! Love the black deck and the beautiful rug????

  125. Elizabeth Hernandez says:

    Beautiful! I love Pergolas and the planters…everything very well styled.

  126. Bernadette Swoboda says:

    Love your summer style!

  127. Amanda Green says:

    I love the idea of black on the deck! I would have never thought it would look as great as it does! ???? It looks like it took some time, but what a wonderful place to spend some time outside. Those planters are gorgeous also! And gotta love that fur baby! ???? ????

  128. Amy says:

    It looks amazing! So glad Aubrey sent us your way for more great inspiration!!

  129. Ashley Hendrixson says:

    Everything is so beautiful!

  130. Ashley Hendrixson says:

    Everything is so beautiful! Everything is so pretty! ❤️❤️❤️

  131. Courtnay says:


  132. RUBY MOLINA says:

    So beautiful! Patio goals ????

  133. Emely Diaz says:

    I have this same couch in my cart ????????????love it!!! I moved into my home in November and have been looking forward to making my patio look this beautiful ???????????? #inspo

  134. Shawna says:

    I love the dark wood. It makes such a difference!

  135. Taylor J. says:

    Love the colors in this!

  136. Beth says:

    Love the black stain and perfectly accented with the orange !

  137. Elizabeth Toy says:

    Lovely! Very inviting! 🙂

  138. Fiona says:

    This is so pretty! 🙂

  139. Maricel says:

    Such a gorg outdoor space! LOVE it! Thank you for sharing your DIY and the beautiful makeover!! so glad Aubrey shared your page with us!

  140. Karen Dostie says:

    Love love ???? the black combo! I actually made sure my husband watched tonight with me for our deck ideas!

  141. Sue Ball says:

    Looks awesome ????

  142. Chandler D says:

    Looks so beautiful ????

  143. Brianne says:

    I love love love the pops of color. Your home is gorgeous love watching your stories and see your beautiful home.

  144. Iram says:

    Love this setup!!! It’s so pretty and your puppy is adorable! ❤️

  145. Brittney Hunter says:

    ????????Hey sweet Posy! It’s beautiful Charlotte! It’s so cozy and I can imagine sipping sweet tea and gathering with friends! Perfection!

  146. Karina says:

    It looks beautiful!! You inspired me to paint my deck!! Thank you for all the awesome ideas!!

  147. Ruth Lacey says:

    The colors are gorgeous! Love it!

  148. Jordan Baker says:

    Wow! This is beautiful, I love the pops of color!!!!! We are working on our backyard this year, great ideas!

  149. Abby says:

    I love Charlotte and her design style!! The patio looks amazing!

  150. Miranda says:

    Love the ideas!

  151. Shelby Braman says:

    That is THE cutest patio! We are really wanting to redo ours. The layout is weird and we really need a furniture set in the shape of yours! ❤️

  152. Ashley Carroll says:

    Love how the black deck made a huge difference!! You inspire me ❤️

  153. Ashley Carroll says:

    Love how the black deck made a huge difference!! You inspire me ❤️

  154. Felecia says:

    OMG!! It looks SOOO GOOD!!! Love it!!

  155. Conessa says:

    Wow, wow, wow!! Such a beautiful makeover.

  156. Cynthia P says:

    Wow! Love the colors!

  157. Ashley Pinell says:

    Your patio is so cute! My husband and I currently have zero yard because we are in a small 4 unit apartment complex but one day we will have a yard. Can’t wait to look back at what you have done for inspiration!

  158. Chelsea Nelson says:

    This is perfect, it looks so cozy! Totally motivates me to make my outside space my next big project!

  159. Maria says:

    This is just gorgeous! Love those color you integrated! This looks so fresh and welcoming. ❤

  160. Kayla says:

    It’s gorgeous!!!

  161. Eliza says:

    Looks great. It inspires me on working on my patio.

  162. Kimberly M says:

    Such a beautiful space!

  163. Jaime Uribe says:

    Charlotte- you did an awesome job on your patio! I can’t wait to see pictures of you enjoying it with your cute family this summer!

  164. Shayna says:

    Love all the potted plants and pop of orange????

  165. Jessica says:

    Charlotte you did an amazing job! I’d totally hangout here!! ❤️

  166. Love it! So perfect and cozy! How do the rugs hold up? I’m in Middle Tennessee, so depending on the part of Alabama our whether is similar. I’ve been hesitant because of price.

  167. Sherri says:

    I absolutely love the makeover, especially the furniture you sealed. What a great idea. Love the color you added to your makeover!

  168. Eric Fernandez says:

    Seriously so cute and cozy! Oh and those planters are everything! ????????

  169. Geraldine says:

    Gorgeous! Love your color scheme!

  170. Jenine says:

    The black flooring!!!???????? Such a smart idea. It all turned out beautiful! ????????

  171. Maria says:

    Beautiful and cozy space. I love your dog! ❤️

  172. Ana Valle says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love seeing how it all came together ????????

  173. Savannah says:

    Love the colors! Definitely feels like an oasis!

  174. Savannah says:

    Love the colors! Definitely feels like an oasis! The rug ????

  175. Destiny murphree says:

    Wow looks amazing! I love patio and outdoor spaces. I could literally spend all day outside ❤️
    -@beautyforashesphotographybydestiny On Instagram

  176. Cindy Stough says:

    I dream of a makeover of my old deck!!! Again Charlotte you amaze me with your energy, your spirit, your good taste… this turned out fantastic! So jelly, someday….❤️????????❣️

  177. Jessica says:

    It looks amazing!

  178. Kim Delaney says:

    Looks great, and I love that you painted the furniture black!!

  179. Elizabeth says:

    It looks great! I love the pops of color and the contrast of the painted deck and stained pergola.

  180. Katy says:

    This turned out so beautiful! Great job!

  181. Kristie Ray says:

    Nice work! Now nice and cozy!

  182. Kristie Ray says:

    Nice work looks amazing!

  183. Natalia says:

    Beautiful! Love the color contrast with the dark and light.

  184. Yvonne says:

    Looks so relaxing!!????

  185. Mollie Krebsbach says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! How fun to sit out here and enjoy life together as a family! ❤️

  186. Nancy Landsdown says:

    Absolutely love it!!! And love you!!! I would love some stuff to do my patio. Seems our bad luck will never end. In a short year we’ve had a kidney and liver transplant and now this covid stuff going on. So glad to have stories like yours to follow. Awesome testament to faith and the love of God❤️????????P.s sometimes your stories and dancing are all that get me through!!????❤️

  187. Katlyn Topping says:

    I love how this is such a fresh and clean look! This gives such inspiration for something I would love to finish doing in my yard.

  188. Bethany says:

    Looks amazing! So cozy and inviting

  189. Brigitte says:


  190. Karen says:

    This looks beautiful Charlotte. I cant believe the deck transformation. Love the orange pops of color. Well done.????

  191. Lucy Ferreira says:

    Love it! ❤️

  192. Brenda says:

    It’s looks so cozy and I love the black paint! Gorgeous accent pillows also!

  193. Lacey says:

    Love the lights!

  194. Dena campbell says:


  195. Mekaela says:

    I am jealous of that backyard! I cannot wait to move and have a hard to decorate. Thank you for the inspo! ????

  196. Arely says:

    We bought our first home Oct 2019 and are building a simple deck this weekend since we can’t enjoy Easter with the rest of our family. I love the way yours is set up!

  197. Tina says:

    So inviting and gorgeous colors. Thank you for sharing your makeover.

  198. Kandice Smith says:

    Loving these colors! From the flowers to the paint color you chose for the deck! So pretty!

  199. Jenna says:

    It looks so beautiful I love the different textures ❤️

  200. Cynthia says:

    Beautiful ???? Love your Patio update… This Patio Collaboration is Perfection two different Styles yet I’m inspired by both.

  201. Jessica says:

    This patio refresh is gorgeous! You’ve given me the motivation to try and tackle my own patio now lol. I rarely ever have the time to just sit and relax but COVID 19 has really been a blessing for me in the sense that I have been able to slow down and spend more time with ny family and i actually might have the time now to knock this project out! Love love love!

  202. Katina K says:

    This is gorgeous!! Love the color combo, and it looks so warm and inviting. Amazing job, Charlotte, and it looks like Posy approves.

  203. Lissette says:


  204. Beth @CarrotsCottage says:

    It looks beautiful Charlotte!! Love it!!

  205. Katelyn cornell says:

    This patio looks so cozy! The perfect spot during this quarantine craziness.

  206. Leslie says:

    Looks sooo good!!! You did an AMAZING job! Gave me a lot of ideas for my house! Thanks! 🙂

  207. Amy says:

    Absolutely love it, can’t wait to see how you cover the top

  208. Leslie says:

    Love it!! Looks so good!! You did an AMAZING job!!! Gave me lots of ideas for my own house!

  209. Betty says:

    Looks amazing!! Enjoy!!

  210. April High says:

    Wow! That turned out great. Thanks for the inspiration

  211. Staci s says:

    I love this Inspiration! Me and my husband are looking for our first home and I know I want a cozy outdoor space! I love this! Thank you!

  212. Amy powell says:

    Your outdoor living space is gorgeous. I’d want to sit out there every evening and read a book. I love it!!

  213. Lacey says:

    Wow, this is SO PRETTY!!

  214. Amy Powell says:

    Your outdoor living space looks gorgeous! I would want to sit out there every evening and read a book.

  215. marissa says:

    L????VE the deck color!!! What do you use to cover the seating when it’s going to rain?

  216. Audrey says:

    I’m obsessed with the black!! Makes me wants to paint my back patio concrete black!! I love it.

  217. Missy says:

    Beautiful! I could sit there all day!

  218. Holly says:

    Wow! That looks amazing ????!

  219. Michele says:

    Excited to have found this blog! Gorgeous!

  220. Stacey M says:

    LOVE!!! ????????????

  221. Ivette Bello says:

    Your patio is so inviting. You have inspired me to give my patio furniture an update. Love your colors. Thank you for sharing

  222. Ivette says:

    Your patio is so inviting. You have inspired me to give my patio furniture an update. Love your colors. Thank you for sharing

  223. Lori says:

    Your patio is beautiful! And I have a yorkie! She is my fur baby!
    I like the idea of this protectant for wood furniture. I’m going to give it a whirl.

  224. Christine says:

    So so pretty! I’d love relaxing there. Such a Great inspiration!

  225. Lidia says:

    Looks great!

  226. Stephanie Tully says:

    It’s gorgeous! ???? i love the pops of orange!

  227. Debbie Cummings says:

    Black is such a stabilizing color. Groundling the beauty and fluff on your patio. What an amazing refresh! I love your posts … I always play where is sweet Pist! ????

  228. Nicole says:

    This looks amazing! I would love sitting out there and enjoying a relaxing evening.

  229. Mallory Lahey says:

    Love it!! Really liking the pops of color with the flowers and pillows!! I’ve also been doing a lot of black lately so huge fan! ❤

  230. Emily slabaugh says:

    Looks so inviting and welcoming!!!!

  231. Emily slabaugh says:

    love It! Looks so inviting!

  232. Patti Esposito says:

    I love your patio! You have such great ideas. Your positivity and fun dances brightens my day! I hope posy is feeling better! Happy EAster to you and your family.

  233. Lauren says:

    That’s a space I could hang out in everyday!

  234. Charity says:

    I love how you coordinated this outdoor space to the interior of your house! Pretty pretty!

  235. Ann Marie says:

    Awesomeness!! Love your sectional!

  236. BreAnna says:

    Redoing the patio is the perfect summer vibe! Love how it came out

  237. Angie says:

    Amazing! So talented! Love the color scheme!

  238. Janet Singletary says:

    I love it. The darker floor is awesome ???? Everything came together nicely ❤️

  239. Janet Singletary says:

    I love it. The darker floor is awesome ???? Everything came together nicely ❤️ Great job.

  240. Guelmary Sanchez says:

    Everything is so beautiful. Gorgeous I love it.

  241. Brittany says:

    Love your home . Your home and style looks similar to my home !!! Beautiful.

  242. Amy says:

    Looks amazing!

  243. Jackie says:

    What a beautiful and inviting space! I haven’t considered painting the floor. That would add so much depth to it. Tell me what’s the plan when it starts to rain, get windy? Will you gather any items and put them away?

  244. DeVorne says:

    So pretty and I love the orange accents; it’s my favorite color!????

  245. Susana says:

    It turned out really nice!!! I love the color scheme you chose.

  246. Christin Rudd says:

    I absolutely love everything you design! I wish you could come help me do mine! Beautiful!

  247. Deb says:

    I love it!! Very inviting and the colors are perfect. Great job!!!

  248. Meghan says:

    ????☀️ I love it. Sitting outside on the patio is my favorite thing to do! ????????

  249. Madison says:

    Love the rug! ????

  250. Madison says:

    Love the rug & pillows! ????

  251. Hanna Gooch says:

    Wow what a gorgeous color scheme! Absolutely love this. You have a new follower on all platforms ????

  252. Norma says:

    Gorgeous ????! It’s cozy and inviting, great job!

  253. Nicole Harper says:

    Love your makeover! The deck and furniture turned out amazing, love the black! You have inspired me to do mine like this. Thanks for the project idea to get me through this quarantine!

  254. Jeané Shivvers says:

    I love your patio and the fact you painted the flooring black. I haven’t seen that done yet, but I’m sure you have started a new trend! I live the coloring with the pillows and plants, well done!

  255. Carla Pucci says:

    Loving the black, and pop of color in the pillows but how neutral it all remains! Beautiful patio!!

  256. Sandra says:

    Love watching your diy, love your style and I much enjoy dreaming with you!

  257. Heather Felix says:

    Love the pillows and all the plants????????????
    Pose looks like a princess ????watching over her kingdom (the yard) ????

  258. Linda says:

    Oh my goodness that looks awesome! SO worth the hard work! You must be very proud of your accomplishments!

  259. Allison says:

    The patio looks so good!

  260. Christy says:

    Soooooo gorgeous!!!!

  261. Renee says:

    This is so gorgeous!!!❤️❤️❤️

  262. Renee says:

    This is so gorgeous!!!❤️❤️❤️

  263. Jessica says:

    I never considered painting furniture or walls black but I love it! Definitely gonna be my next diy!

  264. Hope Reimers says:

    Aubreyswanblog led me here! I love how polished and homey it looks!

  265. Mandi says:

    Hard to pick my favorite part of this! Love it all!!

  266. Shae LaCole says:

    I love it. Truthfully, I love everything you do. I’m honestly super excited to see how you take on the task of covering it- since you’ve mentioned several times how that needs to happen! Thanks for always sharing and providing joy.

  267. Michelle Martinez says:

    Oh my!!!! I adore how you styled this!!!! Thank you for linking your finds, I’d love to redo our patio like this ???????? God bless you and have a safe Easter!

  268. Natalie says:

    This is so cute!! And so many good ideas!

  269. Miriam Martin says:

    You did an amazing job so beautiful ???? I love love your couch!!!

  270. Amanda chaney says:

    i cannot get over the furniture redo, literally looks brand new!????

  271. Ashley Malone says:

    Looks absolutely beautiful! I’ve just recently found you on Instagram and have enjoyed your inspiration and honesty through your testimony. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to finish my back porch.

  272. Meagan Ives says:

    Love the color you chose for the deck! Blends so nicely with the cedar beams!

  273. Miriam says:

    Absolutely love it! ???? gives it a super cozy look!

  274. Terri says:

    Love it! I can’t wait till we are out of the military so I can have spaces like this

  275. Keeley says:

    I seriously need to take time off when this is all done with so I can fix my outside! I love this!!

  276. Pam says:

    I love the plant colors and the black! You’re right, the rug is perfect!

  277. Alesha says:

    You are so talented! You’ve inspired me!

  278. Kelly Carrier says:

    Great job. You are so talented!

  279. Ellen says:

    Wow, that’s REALLY beautiful! I don’t have the gift of being able to envision the finished project when I see pillows and rugs etc. You really have a gift to pull the colors and textures together like that!

  280. Ashley says:

    I LOVE you DIY project. I am going to keep this in mind for my future back porch area.

  281. Crystal says:

    Love the colors used on the patio!

  282. Lauren says:

    LOVE the pop of color! So classy! ????

  283. Stephanie Schroyer says:

    Love your feed and blog, and mostly your amazing life story! So happy and proud how far you have come ❤️❤️

  284. Charity says:

    I love how your patio space turned out! The black floor really makes it pop! It looks like such a cozy outdoor oasis!

  285. Ashley says:

    Love this space you created. It looks so cozy!

  286. nicole says:

    Looks awesome and so inviting. You are ready for summer

  287. Jenny says:

    Charlotte, I’m
    So glad the rain didn’t goof up this beautiful treatment you put on your deck. It looks so fresh & beautiful! Perfect little place to cozy up with Posie and D. ????

  288. Andrea D says:

    I have been looking for a solution to our deck being sun damaged. I’ll definitely check out Flex Seal now… lol I thought it was only for fixing small cracks… who knew?!?!?

  289. Lisa Kirba says:

    Charlotte, everything turned out crazy amazing! I look forward to seeing many daily dance breaks out there!

  290. Heidi Campbell says:

    Never cease to amaze!! Beautiful!

  291. Rebecca Huber says:

    Wow this is phenomenal!

  292. Trish says:

    Amazing space you have made! Enjoy!

  293. Brittany Pauk Martins says:

    I love that Rug. I would have never thought of the black deck. Thanks for the ideas!

  294. Brittany Pauk Martins says:

    I would have never thought of the black deck. Thanks for the ideas!

  295. Brenda Batis says:

    Love your outdoor space! Inspires me to want to do a refresh on my own deck! ????

  296. Angie says:

    It turned out beautiful!!

  297. Enelisa says:

    Perfect place to relax. So beautiful.

  298. Susan says:

    Love the colors! All blends very nicely!!

  299. Karri says:

    Love how the black added so much pop to this patio!

  300. Tara Long says:

    This looks fabulous. I would have never thought to use the flex seal for furniture.

  301. Shannon Strand says:

    I just love that patio! Always look forward to your posts because you always make me laugh or smile. You are so talented!

  302. Amber Gantz says:

    Love the pop of orange! So pretty, looks very relaxing

  303. Courtney says:

    I can’t wait to build my patio this year!

  304. Erica Rios says:

    The lights add so much warmth! I love the mix of pots!

  305. LaTisha says:

    Love love love the makeover ????????????.

  306. Kim Clouthier says:

    Hey Charlotte, you have outdone yourself this time. Absolutely stunning result. I love the black with the pops of orange.
    Thank goodness someone asked how to comment, I didn’t know how. Already did on insta post.
    Keep up the excellent work you are a breath of fresh air daily????

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  312. Good day! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one? Thanks a lot!

  313. Jamie Mags says:

    Great idea to have lights. It makes more aesthetic.

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