I’m Charlotte Evans Russell

Hey Y'all!

Care to know a little more about me than you may see on the blog? Let me start by saying, I was born, raised and plan to stay in Sweet Home Alabama! (insert best song ever) I got married at the age of 34 and inherited a gem of a stepdaughter. Before getting married, I went 12 years without going on one date. I know… I know… Crazy, you say? Many thought so, but the truth is I had no desire to waste time when I could be building a life. After growing up in the foster care system with no stability, it was important for me to feel established on my own. After owning a successful business and building my first house, God eventually brought the right man into my life. Totally worth the wait! He loves me more than I could have ever dreamed. We recently remodeled a historic home to make it our perfect faux farmhouse until we can build a real one of our own. We pastor a church in North Alabama with rolling hills and beautiful views. I have a sweet southern accent (so I hear) and a passion for happiness (living and giving). Hence the name, Charlottes Happy Home. Marriage and ministry are dear to my heart, while home decor and lifestyle are my creative outlets. These are all things you will find here on the blog. I would love for you to join my tribe not only here, but also on Instagram. That’s where you will find behind the scenes on home decor, DIYs, budget shopping, family, fun, encouragement, personal connection and so much more. Yes, even my southern accent! Seriously, I get comments about that on the daily. Ha! Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Be sure to stay around so we can do this fun thing we call life together, OK?

Super Happy
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Big D

Thats my husband! We call each other Big D and lil d short for Dearest

Bike rides with the family

Our Sweet Pupper Posy


Roller coasters with Kelbee!

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