Shiplap & Why I love it

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  1. Sharon says:

    Love it so much! I don’t have any in my house, but now I’m thinking about it!!!

    Sharon @houseonheatherfield

  2. Ana Paula/May Darlings says:

    OH my!! I got carried away with the history of shiplap! Did not know all that!! I am planning an accent wall in my living room and can’t wait!!! Yes for shiplap!!!

  3. Nickname FIFI says:

    Thanks for linking this. What color did y’all paint yalls?

    • admin says:

      You’re welcome! I’m thinking about doing an updated one with more details. We went with chantilly lace by benjamin moore!

  4. Carol says:

    Did you paint the plywood before installing it? Or after you put it up?

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