New Mom’s Must Haves

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  1. La Donna Sullivan says:

    Great list Charlotte, babies need a lot of things, DON’T GET OVERWHELMED..get the necessities, then what you don’t get at shower you can get a few items every week! You’ve got lots going on, so don’t overdo…

  2. Phyllis says:

    I would only buy the main things that you will really use and not to many clothes cause they out grow them so fast the first 6 months. You want need all of these things cause you will never use them. Just don’t get caught up with things being so cute that you think she will need. Less is always best. Hope this will help some.

  3. Macy Waldron says:

    The shopping cart hammock is a game changer. I can put my baby girl in the buggy without taking up the whole buggy with her carseat. I have the grey buffalo check and have used it soo many times.

  4. Lori says:

    Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you. 💗💗

    I see that you are missing something sooooo important for you! I have had two vaginal deliveries and worked on the OB unit.

    Tux medicated pads with witch hazel will be your BEST FRIEND. If you line you pad with them, they will prevent soreness, swelling and itching from sutures. TRUST ME!! You will thank me later 😘

  5. Excellent and valuable items, indeed! I am sure you are now using those items for you and your baby. Congratulations!

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